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I cannot abide Swaggerers
Paul Cornell is a good bloke; Newsarama are cowardly racist wankers 
7th-May-2008 01:16 pm
One city (by mamoun sakkal).
It may be a sad commentary on the reputation of the superhero comic genre that it's refreshing when a creator is asked a vilely offensive question in an interview and actually reacts with some common decency instead of agreeing with the interlocutor.

Islamophobic fuckwit interviewer for Newsarama asks Paul Cornell (paraphrased, slightly) "So your Muslim British South Asian character in Captain Britain and MI-13, she's going to be secretly a raving Islamofascist jihadi terrorist, isn't she?". Cornell reacts with remarkable restraint. Newsarama reacts to comments supporting Cornell and excoriating the interviewer by censoring the exchange and deleting the comments.

Best descriptions by Kevin Huxford of Schwapp and Karen Healey of Girl Wonder.
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